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Surf Morbihan: accommodation for surfers in Morbihan

Looking for the perfect surfing destination for your next vacation? Choose Morbihan. With 900 km of Atlantic coastline, this region of France is perfect for this discipline, with a variety of spots offering waves to suit all levels. Enjoy a great Morbihan surfing experience and rent accommodation with surfboards included at Camping La Croix Villieu, ideally located close to beaches with some of the region’s best and most popular surf spots.

Top 5 best surf spots in Morbihan

Morbihan La Croix Villieu campsite offers the advantage of being close to the best Morbihan surf spots. It’s easy to find a quality spot to practice your passion.

Kerhillio beach in Erdeven

Just 3 km from La Croix Villieu campsite, you’ll find the Kerhillio surf beach in Erdeven. Very popular with surfers thanks to its optimal conditions, it’s one of the most popular spots in France. Whatever the weather, its long, rolling, powerful waves with heights of up to 2 meters make it an ideal spot for professional surfers. Kerhillio beach also offers breathtaking views of the wild coastline and surrounding dunes, where you can relax by the water after a surf session, or try your hand at other activities and water sports such as kitesurfing or paddleboarding.

The Quiberon peninsula

Less than an hour’s drive from La Croix Villieu, the Quiberon peninsula is a top destination for surfers. Its coastline offers quality surfing for all levels. In fact, beginners can take a course at a surf school. The best-known spots on the Quiberon peninsula include Port Bara beach, Plouharnel beach and the famous Baie des Trépassés beach. Surfing conditions are particularly good in autumn and winter, with higher wave heights. Enjoy the wild beauty of the Breton coast on the Quiberon peninsula.

Sarzeau and its Penvins beach

Sarzeau is about 30km from La Croix Villieu campsite. Penvins beach offers excellent surfing conditions with a quality spot. Its exceptional waves, up to 2.5 metres high, are highly appreciated by experienced surfers. Beginners can also find favorable conditions for surfing at low tide and rent equipment from a nearby surf school. Apart from the beach, Sarzeau is a charming coastal town in Brittany, rich in history. You can enjoy the Atlantic coast while discovering its architectural treasures.


Located some twenty kilometers from La Croix Villieu, Guidel is a town with a superb surf beach. The beach at Bas Pouldu is theideal place for surfing, with different spots for beginners and experienced surfers. The beach is nestled in a natural setting accessible on foot or by car. You can also discover Guidel’s authentic cultural atmosphere by visiting the small town, with its charming cobbled streets and numerous restaurants and bars. Enjoy the local cuisine and regional specialities.

La Trinité-sur-Mer

La Trinité sur Mer is also a great Morbihan surfing destination. Located around 22km from the La Croix Villieu campsite, its main beach offers a wave spot ideal for beginners, while the Men Du beach offers a wave more suited to experienced surfers. La Trinité sur Mer is also known for its marina and its famous sailing regatta, the Spi Ouest-France, which attracts many sailors and visitors every year.

The popular surf spots at Gâvres, Saint-Pierre-Quiberon, Lorient and Mané Guen in Ploemeur are well known for their heavy swells and challenging waters. To find the best spots, it’s a good idea to ask the advice of local surfers and sailing enthusiasts before setting off on your adventure.

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Accommodation for surfers

For surfers looking for a unique camping experience with all the necessary comforts, La Croix Villieu offers its ” Coco Sweet ” unusual tent. It can accommodate up to 4 people. It’s the ideal choice for those looking for an alternative to the classic formulas, but who still want to enjoy the friendly, authentic atmosphere of camping.

Coco Sweet offers the comfort of real accommodation while retaining the charm and experience of camping. You have a living area with beds, a kitchenette with fridge, hob, sink and storage cupboards. Enjoy a covered terrace with garden furniture. The accommodation also features electric heating for cool autumn evenings. By renting the Coco Sweet tent, you won’t need to bring your own board or rent one on site. In fact, 2 surfboards are included with your rental. In short, Coco Sweet is a cosy, original and affordable accommodation option for surf-loving holidaymakers in Brittany.

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