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What to see and do in Morbihan

La Croix Villieu campsite is located in Brittany in the Morbihan department.
Brittany is a region rich in culture, traditions, places of interest and gastronomy.

Morbihan coastline and beaches

The Morbihan coastline is first and foremost a splendid panorama of beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches as far as the eye can see.

With its beaches, islets, peninsulas and gulf, its natural attractions are well worth the detour, if only for the sheer pleasure of the eyes. Choose a holiday in Southern Brittany and discover the charm of towns such as Vannes, Carnac, Quiberon, Lorient, Groix, Auray, Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys and Ile aux Moines.

Aptly nicknamed “the little sea”, this département has everything you could wish for in terms of coastal tourism. Here you’ll find some magnificent coves, ideal for swimming.

When it comes to leisure activities, you’ll be spoilt for choice: kayaking, sand yachting, surfing, stand-up paddling, museum visits and fishing are just some of the activities on offer.

iles du morbihan

Visit the islands of Morbihan

  • Belle-Ile-en-Mer: When we talk about the islands of Morbihan, the first that comes to mind is always Belle-Ile-en-Mer. It’s undoubtedly the most famous in the region. It’s famous for the beauty of its beaches, its magnificent cliffs and its viewpoints, which offer incredible panoramic views of the entire coastline.
  • The island of Groix: If you’re looking for peace and quiet, plan an excursion to the island of Groix to spend hours lazing on the beach of Grands sables or swimming in the cove of Poulziorec.
  • L’île d’Arz: Ideal for cycling and hiking, the island will seduce you with its dominant green natural scenery and historic heritage.

Discover the Gulf of Morbihan

The Golfe du Morbihan is home to many tourist attractions, including unspoilt natural sites and magnificent paradise islands, as well as renowned gourmet restaurants.

Among the Gulf’s must-see destinations is Locmariaquer, a meeting place for megalithic enthusiasts. It’s well worth the detour to admire the impressive menhirs.

As for activities, you can choose between the surfing on the wild coast of Quiberona day cruise on the ocean near Lorient, Pointe du Raz and Quiberon to admire the beautiful landscapes of the Gulf, an excursion to spend hours lounging on the beautiful beaches or a walk along the coast of the ile d’Arz during your stay in Brittany.
The Gulf of Morbihan is also an ideal place for lovers of the culinary arts. Take advantage of your stopover to sample some of Brittany’s finest specialities: restaurants, crêperies and seafood parks are at your service to fill up on tasty memories.

impressive menhirs
historical and architectural heritage

The land of Morbihan

The Morbihan department is not only home to magnificent sand dunes and beautiful seascapes, it’s also a destination with a rich historical and architectural heritage, where museums and castles are must-sees for tourists.

You’ll also find plenty of hiking trails.
Take a walk in the fresh air to admire the sailboats of Larmor Baden. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the island of Gavrinis and its archaeological site.

On land, there’s no shortage of activities in the Gulf of Morbihan. During your vacation, you can plan a visit to the Château de Suscinio on the Presqu’île de Rhuys, a Thalasso holiday on Belle île, a bike ride along the Ria d’Etel or across the Ile d’Arz. Must-visit towns include Vannes, Saint-Gildas de Rhuys, Auray and Carnac.

les plus belles villes du morbihan

Visit the most beautiful cities
du Morbihan

Visit the most beautiful towns in Morbihan for a fun-filled vacation:

  • Erdeven: Recommended destination for holidaymakers in search of fun and thrills, Erdeven awaits you with a host of sports and leisure activities.
  • Plouharnel: Ideally located close to the most popular tourist sites, including the megalithic routes, the wild coastline and the magnificent dunes, Plouharnel will allow you to discover the best that Morbihan has to offer.
  • Carnac: This town is a veritable paradise for history buffs. A vacation in Morbihan will give you the chance to admire the incredible alignments of menhirs at Carnac.
  • Vannes: Popular for its historic center and well-preserved monuments, this town is also home to the magnificent Remparts Garden and a quiet little beach.
  • Quiberon: A favorite destination for lovers of seascapes and water sports. Highlights include the protected site of Le Conguel and the Pointe du Percho.
  • Lorient: A city of history and tradition, Lorient is home to the impressive Keroman submarine base, a relic of the Second World War.