Campsite Plouharnel

Take advantage of your stay in Morbihan to discover Plouharnel located 10 minutes from the La Croix Villieu campsite, in the heart of the bay of Quiberon and a short distance from Carnac in South Brittany. Plouharnel boasts a rich and varied natural and cultural heritage. It is therefore not surprising that this typical Brittany village attracts thousands of campers every summer who come to enjoy the many tourist attractions that make the reputation of this small Breton haven of peace.

Beaches and water sports in Plouharnel

If you have chosen to spend your holidays camping in Morbihan to enjoy the joys of the seaside, beaches and water sports, Plouharnel will satisfy you! The ten kilometres of beach are ideal for swimming and a multitude of water sports: surfing, kitesurfing, sand yachting, Hawaiian dugout, stand up paddle... The campsite's favourite ? Sainte Barbe beach for families and Mané Guen beach for lovers of surfing and big waves.

A remarkable historical heritage

Strolling through the narrow streets of the old town of Plouharnel, you will soon realise that nothing, or almost nothing, has changed since the 17th century: superbly preserved old houses, walled gardens and old wells contribute to the charm of the place.
As far as religious heritage is concerned, the chapel of Sainte Barbe, the Benedictine Abbey of Sainte-Anne de Kergonan or the Renaissance-style chapel of Notre Dame des Fleurs are worth a visit.
History buffs will also appreciate a guided tour of the Bego site and the remains of the Atlantic Wall built by the Germans during the Second World War. More than a hundred concrete bunkers are to be discovered in the dune of Plouharnel.
Finally, don't hesitate to make a small detour to the Vendée Chouannerie museum installed in a German infirmary blockhouse built in 1941. You will learn all about the Chouan war under the Revolution through a collection of weapons, costumes, original engravings and various period objects.

The menhirs of Plouharnel

It's not only in Carnac that there are hundreds of menhirs. In Plouharnel, menhirs, dolmens, cairns and mounds are also part of the scenery.
The village of Crucuno is home to a spectacular dolmen to say the least, topped by enormous roof slabs weighing around 40 tons. It is one of the most imposing dolmens in Morbihan. A little further on is the cromlech de Crucuno, called the "Quadrilatère de Crucuno". This set of 22 erected stones forming a rectangle 35 m long and 25 m wide indicated the cardinal points with an astonishing accuracy for the time (4000 BC). Among the other megalithic monuments that will hold your attention, the Tumulus of Rondossec, as well as the Alignments of Sainte-Barbe and the Old Mill are also worth a visit.

The Wild Dunes of Gâvres

A true jewel of South Brittany's natural heritage, the Gâvres site stretches from the Pointe de Gâvres to the Quiberon peninsula, forming an immense 35 km long sandy arc preserved from any urbanisation. It is the largest dune massif in Brittany! Labelled Grand site de France since 2018, the Wild Dunes of Gâvres are among the most visited tourist sites in Morbihan. They are also a must for your camping holiday in Southern Brittany!

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