Gulf of Morbihan

Located on the Atlantic coast, the Gulf of Morbihan (or “small sea” in Breton) gave its name to the department. It is a stunning area of inland sea, closed off by the Rhuys peninsula.

The impressive entrance is located between Port-Navalo and Locmariaquer where due to the very strong currents it joins the ocean. There are 365 islands in the Gulf, thirty or so of which are inhabited. Two of them are towns : Arz and Ile-aux-Moines. Thanks to its mild, sunny climate and beautiful rugged coastlines, the Gulf of Morbihan is popular with tourists.

You won’t cease to be amazed by the varied and unusual landscapes, which change with the weather conditions. Thousands of hectares of rocks, beaches, grass beds and salt marshes are home to nearly 150 000 waterbirds: stilts, little egrets, red-breasted mergansers, seagulls etc… Natural beauty that will take your breath away.

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