Welcome to Belz, a lively town in the heart of the Etel estuary.

When exploring the town, you will discover a whole range of places of interests and activities: typical villages such as St Cado, Kerdonnerch, Kernours and Kerclement.

Walking along the numerous marked hiking paths, discovering the megaliths scattered around the town, shellfish gathering or fishing on Pont-Lorois bridge or on Port Niscop’s quays.

Pont Lorois bridge : between Belz and Plouhinec, is the only passage between the 2 banks on the Etel estuary. It was a toll road in 1851, destroyed twice (in 1894 and 1944). It offers a stunning view over the Ria estuary and its islands.

The island of Saint Cado is linked to the mainland via a hundred-metre path known as the « miraculous » as, according to the legend, Saint Cado wanted a bridge to link the island to the mainland, but didn’t have the funds. Satan paid a visit offering to make one on the condition that he was given the first living soul who crossed the bridge… (we’ll leave you to find out the rest of the story).

Nichtarguer island is located a hundred metres from Saint Cado village, measuring approximately 25 m in diametre at high tide. The main characteristic of the island is the house that was built on it in 1894 for the oyster farm watchman.

The boat cemetery : a few old shipwrecks survived destruction or natural disintegration.

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